More Cuba

More Cuba

The stars have aligned strangely leading up to my trip to Cuba: this past Saturday I went to my first professional soccer game EVER to watch the USMNT play in the Gold Cup against, you guessed it, Cuba. The thing is, their opponent hadn’t even been decided when I bought my tickets and Cuba were massive underdogs to even make it that far, so it’s a complete fluke.

Then two days later (yesterday, Monday, July 20th), the same week that I’ll be leaving, Cuba and the US re-establish diplomatic ties for the first time in 54 1/2 years! And, oh yeah, I just happened to be outside of D.C. that day, so I swung by and took some pics of the newly-raised Cuban flag. And I’m going there in 3 days! What!?

It’s all working out in a bizarrely coincidental way, which I hope portends good things. It would be quite a letdown at this point if something went wrong and I didn’t even make it to the island :/

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